Children's Clothing Store 'For Sale'


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selling my dropship store I honestly never have the time to run it.

( asking price 400)

I personally paid over 1200 on this site all together

if you want to see what site looks like please let me know


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Can you tell me more details about your dropshipping store? I'm thinking about starting up too. It may be a toy store or a costumes store. I noticed that cosplaying is really in trend these past few years. I'm going to sell not only normal costumes but even animals costumes too (how about dragon costumes?) Dragons costumes are pretty rare and I hope it'll work out for me!
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Be careful with this. If you are selling used clothes that cost $12.00 new, maybe you can sell them for $4.00. You need to sell a lot of $4.00 units to pay for a store, employees, cost of goods sold, and a salary. We have a store called once upon a child in our area. They do great business, but you have to source inventory. You are at the whims of what people bring in. Probably want at least 5-10k items before even opening. I had a friend try this concept... was executed poorly. It would be best if you had quality and low cost at a high volume. You may make $1-2 per clothing item, and you’ll need to sell many many items to turn a profit. I imagine that used baby electronics, like monitors and expensive toys and strollers, will need to be an option because you’ll get a much higher margin and profits out of these types of items. I prefer clothes from
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