Challenges selling online, join the conversation let's put together ideas

As a dropshipper your number one goal is to drive sales and make profits, yet you run all the advertisements necessary, optimize for search engines and customers do visit your website yet they chat with you and they end up leaving your website without making a purchase or they ask you deliver before they pay, have you asked yourself why?, do you think they have no interest in the product you sell?, The answer is, they have interest in what you sell but don't trust your store, there are a lot of scam website out there and to that customer your website may be one too, it is your duty to convince them trust you and make that purchase.

Did you also know that providing credible presence once a customer arrives on your website is key to making sale?

Let's share ideas, drop the questions asked by your customers and the answers you give them, let's all learn to our benefit
Is there any plugin that gives a floating chat me option in a store?
So a customer for the purpose of conviction can fast chat a store's customer representative?