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Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with the cart.
If I want to buy a few products I don't see all of them. I see just one and the total amount of products and price.
Is it possible to change that? People need to see if they choose the right object/product and delete it if necessary.

PS: I don't know if this thread is open somewhere else. Sorry if it's so.


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Real Residual

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This has happened to me before. It always has to do with your local cache and sometimes your server/browser settings. My guess is that when you change a product or re-save a product but it has already been added to a cart, things like this may happen.

You can check it in Google Chrome and use an Incognito Window and see if it has the same issue. My guess is that you won't. So to solve this, make sure you delete your browser cache. Better yet, close all instances of Chrome after you've deleted cache and try again. Also make sure you empty your cart too, just making sure no rogue cookies messing up your cart.

Real Residual

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No, it happened in the first place because you were tinkering with your products, making changes and what have you. I don't publish products unless they are ready, and I never "accidentally" add a product to cart that is still in the "Import List" or while in preview mode. This is why it happens, IMHO.