Can we have a feature on SMS Marketing like SMSBump


I was just wondering can we have the SMS marketing for Abandoned Cart prospect recovery, this feature might also help in getting the customer back based on the Mobile number left on checkout page. Just a suggestion, Let us know if this can be built

There is a shopify app called SMSBumpp, which is helping drop-shipper to recover the lost customers.

Kindly do this feature for Alidropship

Direct Webstore

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Use the WOO version. There are already abandoned cart and follow up email plugins that handle SMS ... that is, if you can get customers to actually give their phone numbers during checkout. Most don't.

That's what's good about Woocommerce. People can pick and choose what plugins/functions they want. Trying to pack ALL requested functions into the Original plugin is just not going to happen.

Unless you want them to make a "addon" for it. In that case, stand in line after the newsletter addon, the wishlist addon and all the other requested addons for the Original plugin ... lol.


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