Can I track sales in Google Analytics?

Since there is no way to manual way to import offline conversions in Google Analytics, is there a way to work around this and use it to track the conversions?


It can work, but you'll need a tool of this type (you can check out the video guide). Then you can use segments for A/B testing or for filtering out returning visitors and also track your affiliate link clicks. You'll also be able to check, for example, how your content performs across different devices - mobile phones, desktops, and tablets (you can find out which advertisers don't convert at all on mobile phones). You can do both traffic and sales tracking (after integrating sales data into google analytics, your user reports will contain every action they take).
Thank you, that's what I was looking for. I see there's also an instruction on how to create a converter audience, and I wasn't sure about a couple of things so this is of great help!