Can I change the color of review stars? (Da Vinci theme)

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The stars are an image in the theme folder ... wp-content\themes\davinci\img\css

This is it's CSS

.stars .star {
background: url(./img/css/stars.png) no-repeat;

I suggest you either copy the star image, change it's colour (e.g with and rename it to stars-2.png (or anything) or search Google images for another star with the colour you want and resize it if necessary. Then upload it to "wp-content\themes\davinci\img\css" via FTP

Make sure the image is a transparent background .png file.

Then paste this in Appearance/Customisation/Additional CSS

.stars .star {
background: url(./img/css/stars-2.png) no-repeat;

Don't forget to rename the star image to stars-2.png (or anything you want)

Because it has a different name, it won't be overwritten with theme updates.
man I was going to ask the same thing this suck wish there was an easy way to do it because the stars really dont match with the rest of the site.

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That IS an easy way, if you have the colouring in skills of a 10 year old. You can download "" for free and use it to change the colour with the Adjustments/Hue-Saturation tool. Just slide the sliders with your mouse till you get the desired colour. Or you can zoom in and "colour in" the stars with whatever colour you want. Then rename it, upload it and paste in that CSS code. 10 minute job.

Don't be lazy. :)

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I just spent 2 minutes changing the colour as described above ... not sure which stars you want .. there are two. "stars.png and ratingstar.png

Here I changed them "blue"

ratingstar-blue.png stars-blue.png

Green ...

Purple ...

If you can slide a slider with a mouse ... you can change the colour.