Can anyone help me find suitable tools for my website?


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I understand it's a bit offtopic, but I need help. Currently I'm building my own website with the help of Squarespace sitebuilder as I can't hire a developer to do it. And I've decided do add a few plugins to it to make it more convenient for me and users as well. Choosing the platform wasn't easy, but it didn't take long as there are not so many really big and trusted ones. And it turned out everything's going to be much more complicated with plugins as there are too many of them out there. So, if anyone can recommend me some good ones, I will appreciate it! I need:

- A plugin that makes pictures publishing on a website more simple. I mean, the one that can reduce pictures and so on.
- A plugin that will allow me to add reviews to my site.
- site search plugin.

I will be really grateful to get any help!