Business Facebook account blocked/disabled, AliDropship created my pages&accounts

Hi, Alidropship team created my store and social media pages but now Facebook closed my sites and later Facebook disabled/blocked my business fb account and personal account. I had not even running any ads or sharing groups or comment anything or adding people.

What can I do now?
Is it possible to create a new Business Account without personal fb and without getting blocked again?
I have no clue what to do...


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Try to fill a cancellation (or however it's called on facebook), I believe it's an "appeal" option. Someone from their team will check your pages and decide whether to keep them down or they will bring them back on.

Sure, you can create as many websites as you want :)
I don't know about anyone else, but Facebook doesn't seem to like things with links in them these days. IT will only let you share them about 3 or 4 times before they start checking if you are a robot. And i am talking about sharing them from your own Facebook page you created to your own groups you created.
It is getting very strict on those things, yet when you look around Facebook there are people advertising porn all over the place and it doesn't even seem like they get a warning for it.
It really seems like they have penalised the legitimate use of sharing relevant things to relevant places and giving a free ride to the scammers.

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IT will only let you share them about 3 or 4 times before they start checking if you are a robot.
You must have SPAMMED the Hell of of them. Slow it down next time.
when you look around Facebook there are people advertising porn all over the place
Is that what you were doing?

Get a new email (Gmail, Outlook etc) make a new Facebook account and Store page. You don't need a Business Manager account for 1 site. Just use the personal account for running ads + Use common sense next time.
LOL - No I wasn't sharing any porn. I didn't spam too much either :p

A while back I had a couple of dummy accounts at a different address and IP address - They may have spammed a little :D

My own personal account hasn't really spammed at all.

In the past you could share a post from a page and into a handful relevant groups - then about an hour later do the same with another post to a few other relevant groups.
If you made maybe 10 posts you could soon rack up about 50-60 shares in a day and nowhere actually got spammed out of that. Seriously - only owned groups got posted in more than once a day.
Lots of other people who were doing a similar sort of thing were also complaining about no longer being able to share the same amount as they used to. Several just had their accounts banned.
It certainly seems like Facebook is just cracking down on normal sharing when links are involved. They just want to charge you money and don't want to allow people to kickstart their posts into any sort of organic reach.

I've tested it with pictures only, and it will let you spam away at those all day long if you like.

And yet - almost every day I get a friend request from someone promising to show me a personal sex video, or when visiting a group there's a porn image and message to visit a site etc.
Then there's the ads that say "X shop is giving away £500 vouchers for free - just fill in your credit card details". and "Nike is giving away free trainers for it's anniversary".

So - yeah truly fed up with fighting the Facebook beast now and trying to understand it's next algorithm change and whatever else. It might even be easier to understand women (sorry ladies).

That's what brings me to dropshipping :) - between that plus everyone and their dog now seems to be doing affiliate marketing.
My page still attracts a reasonable reach by itself, and I can learn how the ads work to get more reach on the things that do well.

It's all part of the journey.