Bug with the view on the backoffice - make problem to wordpress


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Good morning,

I install the extension in my wordpress.
And at the beginning, i didn't have the place to put my key licence.
The page of Licence was empty.
At one time (i don't know why), when i go to the page of the key, i can put my key, like 2 day after the installation.
So i begin to import products.
Now, i update wordpress, and i only have the title in the backoffice of alidropship (like you see in the picture).
The extension in Chrome doesn't work eather.
And i have problem to update some extension and make some modification in the wordpress.
And when i desable the alidropship extension, i can make this modification or update in wordpress...

I don't understand what's going on...
Thx !


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Egor Matyushkov

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Could you please provide the access details to your WordPress website in a private conversation to check what might be wrong?

Please do not send access details in a screenshot.
Please check from your end if the access details are valid before sending them to the support agent.

We will need from you:
WP admin URL:

cPanel URL:

❗ Please note that the process of investigation can require temporary deactivation of the plugins and/or a temporary change of the current theme on your site. If you have any reasons to avoid deactivation of certain plugins, we would appreciate if you could inform us about that.

Kind regards,