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I have a problem which I'm trying to fix for weeks...
On my website
Some of the products have broken images (can't tell exactly which products, because on mobile phone it can be 1 item and on desktop another one...). When i regenerate them, they start to be ok for a while. And then again... (screenshot ia attached)
So I just don't know why the images are broken on different devices (different resolutions) and how can I fix it.
Here is what I think. In my template it makes a request for an image with a resolution of 1080 pixels, which are not created when i add a product (alidropship). No idea where is takes 1080 (i don't even have such size in my template customization). when I resave the main image, this link disappears (size 1080) and the product is displayed normally. For a while.
Please advise :(


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Sounds like a theme issue. Any decent theme should allow you to disable image sizes not required. Do that first as that also saves server space and then regenerate. But make sure that all sizes that are required on different resolutions are available.