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Who use plugin AliDropship Plugin for WooCommerce?
Need powerful plugin for your WooCommerce? Get Booster Plus for WooCommerce plugin

Hello, I recently buy Booster Plus for WooCommerce plugin developer licence $119.99 lifetime, and i do this service for my client website and my woocomerce web store. If you interest to get this licence please contact me.

Thanks :)

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me and I can't say 1 thing: DON'T USE THIS PLUGIN AT ALL!


Originally I bought this plugin mainly for the advance currency switcher functionality.

Problem is this plugin once installed adds looooooooaaaaadddds of option in the wp_option table in your database.

Like 1000+ entries that bloats your database.

Which slows don't your site a BIG way.

See here:

So now apart from Aliwoo integrated currency switcher, the only Currency Switcher I could recommend is Currency Switcher plugin by Algoritmika.

The sweet irony here is that that it's from exactly the same developer lol

For those who add this plugin and want to clean all these entries use this plugin after having made A FULL SITE BACKUP (please don't blame me if you screw this last part):