Baby romper online store for sale!! 350 USD


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I would like to sell my online store.
I have invested a lot of hours for this shop.
For now-

ULTIMATE alidropship store (full price USD 899)
*It has 30 products
*694 followers in facebook
*I started to make a blog about kids products (4 posts) (it's part of the online store)
*Social Rabbit

For now I have spent around USD 1100.

If you are interested or have any other questions, please contact me -

I would like to sell it for USD 700, which is only half of the price I paid.

My store -
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The website looks very good; it's a pity to sell it at that price. But what makes you sell it? Or is this a hoax? I would be interested in buying some products from this website because I have a newborn baby and our baby needs so many things that my wife and I couldn't imagine we would need, especially clothes - she gets them dirty every day. So, she needs not just clothes but all kinds of stuff. We are currently looking for a baby pool float on the NewBabyCentral recommendation because we want to teach our little girl to swim.
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The website looks very good; it's a pity to sell it at low prices. But what motivates you to do that?
Yes, I really like the store. But if anyone want to sell, they have to find the way how to do it (nowadays, I think, you really have to make your own video in IG or Youtube and be very active, and as I am expecting a baby,I know, I won't do that).
I have spent some money for fb advertisments. It works a little bit.

So it has 30 rompers.
If anyone is interested, I can add extra 30 items before selling.

I would like to sell it for USD 500.
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It looks like a nice store, and one can tell that a lot of effort was put into it. But what is the reason for selling? Are the sales going bad? Do you not have the necessary means or team to help you further grow it? Or do you simply not have any more time for it? Whichever the reason, I don't think this is the best way to find a potential buyer for the online store. You should advertise it on every platform you have, including Facebook, Instagram, and of course, TikTok. You could even raise the price and let people know that you want to donate half of the final price, say, to foster care or social service agencies collaborating to connect kids in need with the support and stability of committed, caring foster families.
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We had only one sale,and of course - it's all about advertising.
Now I am a mom,for a 1 week old baby,so I don't want to continue to sale :)
hope to find someone.