Awesome website to check your wordcount and more

I have found, just few min ago, this website and offers so much info for what you have written and I think is a must have tool.
Just look on the right side of the website after you input some wording from your website :) ... I would say that is valuable info.
Right now I have no idea if its free or how much time you can use it for ... in order to get paid or what not but none the less its a must have for all of us ... especially from the point of view of seo.

PS. If you lazy it even has TALK TO TYPE Speak into your microphone and WordCounter will type for you; option that i think is awesome :)) and so many more options.
Yes but this also helps in many other ways :)
Like for those that write articles and also if you combine it with grammarly then you get an upgraded tool thats very helpful.