Awesome fashion store is for sale

Puja Kumari

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See this store have more than 1300+ products along with the daily approx visit of 40-50. Good index on the Google also. Let me know if you are interested, so we can discuss further. Thanks


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Hey, is it still available and how much it cost ?, i’m a freelance fashion designer, i used to sell many dresses and shoes designs to big fashion company such as Zara, Gucci, Prada and also some celebrities. i saved some money to open my own online store and i’m looking for a nice affordable site. recently i signed a contract with big fashion company here in US and i’ll design Rain Macs for women exclusive for them, but i’d keep make some free designs just to share thoughts and new idea with fashion designs, the company i work with now is lilylulufashion, you can check my Rain Macs here:, if it’s available PM please for more details.
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Hi Everyone,

I want to sell my site

If you are interested please drop me a mail at


1) First is not a wordpress theme and don't have an alidropship plugin,so please don't spoil this forum.

2)1300+ product who teached you to count?

3)good index on google also? How is that possible.

4) Here i see only a member which is believing other members of this forum they are stupit and they will buy this store.