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Are you saying that the currency switcher ALONE is slowing your site by 7 seconds? I seriously doubt it.
I use it on 8 sites and they all load between 1-4 seconds. There are other factors involved.

Any idea how to fix it?
Look into those other factors (Image size/numbers, check speed of ALL extra plugins (Google it), check you host's speed.

runs on VPS and CDN
Irrelevant. I've seen plenty of people using them and STILL have slow sites. It's how the site itself is setup that's the main problem.

e.g. I used to use Hostgator Business Cloud and had great loading speeds for my sites and another user here using them as well had terrible loading speeds. The hosting was not the problem. The problem was how his site was setup.

Bottom line, if the currency switcher alone could slow a site by 7 seconds, EVERYONE who uses it would have the same complaint. But I've never heard anyone complaining about it and I don't experience it on 8 separate sites that use it.

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You don't happen to have selected EVERY currency by any chance? The more currencies selected the slower it will be. You only select the currencies for the main countries you are targetting. I have selected 6 currencies.
Well the site has only 6 products and 5 pages. When the currency is enabled I get 6-8s load time. When the currency is not used the load time is 1.2s! See the attached images. I’m not sure what is causing that that’s why I’m posting in on this forum.
hello dear I was have same trouble but i solved :

1- Just active the currency without add the currency icon on header "The Currency Will be change By Customer Country ip
2- Don't add all country Currency Just Important
3- Delete Cache and retest scan
4- Let Me Know If That Work With You because i have author way also to fix it
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Hello, I have the same issue on my site. I turn off the currency switch in my Theme. I limited the currency to 3 countries.

I like it to behave as afkar shop Said above. But not working so far. ajax_error.PNG
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