Any strategy to avoid FB Jail?

I have been posting in facebook groups and i always get in facebook jail. they always restrict my account on posting to fb groups.

im using a fb group poster and i have put delays of about 700-1000 seconds between my posts. i also schedule them in batches. i still get restricted tho. :( i also did fb group post likes in 500-900 seconds interval but i still get restricted :(
you have to put something in the mix besides posting only to groups.
just look at your activity logs.
you want to make sure you don't only share or post to groups but do other things like ,., comment on posts, liking.... poking, adding friend etc,
Do you use proxies to run accounts ?
Also check how many time you post per group. 3 -6 post daily is good to go .
- Make sure to spin your content a lot, some auto poster like Massplanner offer that.
- Post a quality content, don't make it obvious that you are advertising .