Any dropshippers from india?


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Hello Everyone,

I'm planning to purchase a alidropship plugin. Before purchasing the plugin want to clarify few things.
1.There is a big variation in the product price. Aliexpress price is very low.Assume that the same product if i dropship from Aliexpress and add my margin and it will result in high price.Obviously the buyer will compare the price and definitely go aliexpress and purchase the same.Does it makes sense.Please clarify if there is any gap in my understanding.
Sample product:,ppcSwitch_5_ppcChannel&priceBeautifyAB=0
2.Which market i should choose for the store whether indian market(as i'm from india) or US market. For india the freeshipping will take 30 to 45 days.Definitely i can't sell anything to indian consumers because of the long shipping time. Due to this i'm having thought of focus on US market.Please suggest me what are the problems i will encounter if i go other than indain market.
3.I see lot of sites are ready for sale from the market place. Question is if it is making real money why they are selling at relatively low price.

Thanks in advance.