anime wholesale site that's still receiving orders + stripe account

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Hi everyone, I'm putting for sale a store that sells anime products in wholesale, the store uses alidropship plugin of course and already made $500 that month.
I've had many stores on anime niches back when Alidropship was just launched but then these niches got saturated so i decided to change the game & start selling at Wholesale.
The store was live since July & run by a friend of mine , she used a Quora method she found on a course to promote the store & after it got saturated she gave up on it and moved to new projects, then I took over the store in the mid of June but didn't start promotions until August & here we go !
I'm promoting the store using only Facebook group posting and made money with it, it has huge potentials and plenty of methods to promote it.

Here are the stats :

Sales stats :


Traffic Stats (I didn't setup GA until OCT, when i first started thinking about selling the store)

August: $300.67
October: $0 (No promotion is done & i was offline all da month)
November: $514.66

Products published : 459.

I do sell the products at a x2 - x2.5 the original price, so expect a ROI of about 100% - 150%

*) What promotion method used with that store ?
Posting on Facebook groups with a Special twist, I can share this with you no problem at all :)

*)Does the promotion involve any costs ?
I started with a simple & free chrome extension to post on multiple group (i can share it too ), then i went & got a software that cost $19 a month . But a simple free software or tool will do the job or even manual posting.

*) Does the site still receives traffic ? and from what sources ?
Yes, from my facebook posts that are still live, however, you need to works on promotion to keeps the store running.

*) What's been so great about doing the mix of Wholesale & dropshipping ?
- You don't have to worry about the store design or having unique themes anymore, dunno if you've ever looked at the Wholesalers sites and how it looks Hhh :).
- You don't have to worry about having Chinese suppliers anymore, most of my customers know about alibaba & thinks i'm just a chineese supplier having its own site.
*) What's included on the sale ?
- a professional & brandable domain name + website content .
- Professional logo (i paid for it LOL).
- Real Wholesale agreement + invoices & stock photos (upon request).
- Stripe account with a lifetime ownership, No LLC needed, it doesn't matter where you're based !! you can use it with that store or any other stores no problem. (stripe support using multiple stores within the same account ).
- Example lead-in for your posts on fb or Facebook ads.
- A Facebook page but with 0 like & 0 content, never used it for promotion !!

*) Finally, why are you selling the store ?
1st : I have other E-com store that generates more money & i'm reducing the size of my sites portfolio .
2nd : I'm trying to launch a web service & i'm collecting money using what i mentioned above, you might find us on the Marketplace here, so stay tuned !!

ANND THE PRICE : $750 , I personally think it's a fair price coz i saw people selling Fresh site with 0 sales at $800 here just because they got them at that price.
However, I'm really open for negotiations, just send me your offer via PM .
Note :
- I do really love that site hh & believe it has potentials so i'm leaving the thread open only for 15 days if it didn't get sold i'll keep it for myself.
- As for the URL i'll keep it hidden , if you are a serious buyer & need to check the site, contact me via pm .
- I do type fast & english is not my native language so sorry for any grammatical mistake.

Hi guys, i'm so so sorry ! sold the website 1 week after posting it , i wasn't active on the forum so i didn't update the thread. Will contact the moderators to close it.

Reading ... a lost art.
see you're having fun on "lost threads" as always hh !

Woo version with a bulk product plugin added, right?
nope actually, it has the original plugin with selective products list .
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