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I'm selling my website, you can visit my beautiful site at

The reason I'm selling the store is that I'm busy with my other store and to my work. I can't operate them at the same time that's why I've decided to sell this one. This store is new I've already had 2 sales transaction after that can't manage because of the super busy schedule.

The package includes:
1. Website $899 package
2. Alidropship Plug-in
3. Social Rabbit
4. Facebook Business
5. Newly paid domain(Feb.2019)
6. Newly paid Host(Feb.2019)
7. Recent Sales Pop-up
8. Countdown Timer
9. Customer Gallery
10. Abandoned Cart
11. Facebook 1000+ Followers
12. Instagram 3000+ Followers
13. Twitter
14. Pinterest
15. GA Enhanced Ecommerce
16. SSL Included
17. Dropshipme
18. Zendesk Live Chat

You can bid your offer. Just pm me at jakelumayag@gmail.com


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