AliWoo Plugin Don't Import Products Data in my Language and other problems

Dear friends,
First, sorry my bad english.
Yesterday I bought the plugin, and decided to use AliWoo solution instead AliDropShip + Theme because here (in Brazil), the most used payment gateway are PagSeguro, and this option of payment gateway don't had implemented yet.

And ok, plugin installed, api key configured succefully. Language set to Portuguese-Brazilian:


Problem 1: But... When importing products, they came always in English:


Problem 2: And I have a second problem: The ranged price!
I'm using the Pricing Formula to test, and the ranged price in aliexpress come to my store:

Problem 3: Importing The Reviews!
I setup the configs to import reviews translated to my language (Portuguese-BR), and only reviews from my country (Brazil):


In AliExpress, this exact product have 4 reviews with this filter:

But imported only ONE:

This is it... somebody help me?


1. You need select Portugues language on AliExpress before click to import the product.
2. Don't understand about pricing formula.
3. What about reviews?
Problem 1 solved perfectly!

About Problem 2, when using pricing formula, I can't control manually the prices, and this ok, this is great! But "ranged prices" aren't normal in the e-commerce here in Brazil, the clients had so much confused with this type of pricing. Have any idea how I can use Pricing Formula features, but fix one price to all variations of same product? I don't know if technically, are a possible feature anyway, if can't, I use the manual pricing.

Problem 3, the "import tool" don't imported reviews using the filters in the plugin, If you see the prints, the product (example) had 4 reviews from Brazil, and the "import tool" only imported one.

Very thanks for you support! This plugin are Amazing and I'm really happy. Thanks!

Vitaly Kukin

Staff member
2. You can edit the product with variation and Set regular pricies and Set sale pricies price to product variations

3. We need a link to a product on AliExpress to check it. Perhaps the AliExpress made some changes in their system.
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