AliExpress not longer supports AliPocket payments?

I found out that Aliexpress is terminating their AliPocket service?

Here's an update from their customer support team. So apparently we cannot use AliPocket to fulfil bulk orders anymore?

Update termination plan for Pocket process. Background: due to business adjustment, pocket process will be stopped gradually in AliExpress. Timeline(estimated date for main steps): Apr 25: Gift card cannot be purchased in our site ( ordering button will be hidden with notice in pocket page) May 06: Email will be sent to user with balance under pocket to inform them change of it and deadline to use pocket. So user can try to use it before deadline. May 28: Gift card cannot be used for ordering in AliExpress. Jun 10-Jun 17: For account with balance under pocket, refund will be processed to user. Basically, we will pick gift card purchase order and request refund like compensation. Refund will be processed to original account pay for the purchase order. Jul: For cases with unsuccessful refund, probably balance will be converted to coupon instead. Details to be updated. This is to update plan for this change first. Detailed information will be updated if we received more information.

How are we going to fulfil bulk orders now?