Great post. Thanks very much for sharing.

Really nice to finally read that Aliwoo is working perfectly for once.

I bought the Ali plugin and wanted to go with woocommerce but after reading about many issues fellow members have with it I went ahead and build my site without using the plugin. Cheers.


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Aliwoo works really great, the learning curve is harder on woocommerce that's for sure. Beautiful site indeed.


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I guess I was wasting my time and effort on customizing the Storefront theme, which is too basic for something free. You are stuck with many limitations and end up with too many tweaks. Vantage appears to be lightweight and more feature-rich than Storefront. Moreover, giving such a premium theme for Free is a bonus indeed. I wonder if Alidropship team recommends this theme (as they do for Storefront) for its compatibility. I'm contemplating to switch over to Vantage for a better control of my store, though I would lose all product data I have imported. Or might consider for my forthcoming stores in future!

Thanks, @DieselC for sharing your experience.
Great post but so many useless plugins there ! Even if you do not find any conflict now (which I don't believe anyway), all these useless plugins are a great chance for troubles sooner or later.