ALiDropship's bad practice


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Hello AliDropship

I would like to talk to you about bad practics which AliDropship does against Affiliates.

These bad practics are hiting directly at your affiliates.

Everybody knows that PPC is not allowed - it's ok, everyone must accept it, except Alidropship...

For example:

I've told my client about AliDropship on Facebook and he will probably purchase from my link - great.

Then he reads more about AliDropship and type AliDropship in google just to open it's main page. Then he clicks on AliDropship Ad with ?via=20 which is your official one. Each of AliDropship Ad has ?via=20 referral.

Then he makes a purchase with ?via=20.

I wasted my time.

If PPC promotion is not alloweed for Affiliates, then AliDropship should stop promoting their services with Affiliate link otherwise promoting AliDropship services by affiliates makes it a big waste their time. Same with your official facebook profile, newsletter etc.

This is really unfair for people who really puts a lot of time into it, and then finds something like this.



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we're really sorry you had such a situation and thoughts about AliDropship Affiliate Program.
We always draw affiliates' attention that the clients should click the affiliate's link before purchasing to avoid buying with other affiliate links.
We use our "via" to better understand the customer journey and Google ads features, then share these insights with our clients and partners. Most of our affiliates have a very loyal audience which ready to support them by following the rules of the affiliation. So please don't take it personally :)


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For better understanding a customer journey there are tools like Google Analytics. Url parameter ?via has absolutely nothing to it. It just reset peoples referrers and all of their hard work go to waste. There is no sense to promote AliDropship solutions. I've been in many Affiliates programs and no one would ever think of doing such a bad practice to pay less to their Affiliates.