AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.6 - UPDATE

Victoria Kudryashova

Staff member
Main features:

  • New tracking pop-up window
Tracking information in the pop-up window is collected from the Cainiao.

If you click Tracking ID link - you'll be redirected to the Cainiao tracking page:

If you click order ID - you'll be redirected to the order details in your AliExpress account.

Tracking status is collected from your AliExpress account: My AliExpress -> Order list -> Track order:

There are 4 status available:

  • Dispatched
  • Departed
  • Arrived
  • Delivered



Hi Victoria,

Thanks for the update - this is an excellent feature.

Unfortunately I'm getting the error "tracking hasn't received"

I'm looged in to Aliexpress, cleared my cache, not sure what else to do...