AliDropship Plugin ver. 0.9.14 Beta

Victoria Kudryashova

Staff member
Main features:

1. Blur image bug
fixed .

2. Paylike bug fixed.

3. Yoast SEO compatibility.

4. Regions added like on AliExpress:
now you customers will fill in their address like on AliExpress. You don't need to worry anymore about correctness of filling these fields by your customers. It will make auto-order smooth.

All fields that have selection on AliExpress will have this option on your check-out page as well:

5. 'View on AliExpress' option :
now you can view your product on AliExpress from your WordPress admin area (Single product page):

6. Featured image bug fixed:
if you customized a featured image and save all images on your server - your customized featured image will not be replaced with a default.



what does yoast SEO compatibility will mean exactly? I am using yoast atm and I'm interested. also when this build is planned to be released to public? thanks