Alidropship plugin: To Woo or Not to Woo (plus hosting)

Hi everyone, hopeful future dropshipper here. I was looking into the custom store packages that Alidropship offers. I see that you have the option to have the store built either with WP + Alidropship plugin OR WP +WooCommerce +Alidropship Woo. Am I reading that correctly?

Unfortunately I don't have enough info to make a decision for one over the other. I was wondering if you guys can lay out the pros and cons of each. Is one example of pro would be that WooCommerce has more extensions?

Also, for those that have hosted with Alidropship? How do they compare to others, like Bluehost, Siteground, A2, etc?

Hi, thanks for the link. That article seems to cover initial start point, which was helpful to me.

Any thoughts on long term benefits for either? Looks like Woo has a bigger market if you'd like to add features to your store down the line.
I tested both out before I made a final decision. I went with Aliwoo because I wanted to be free to add all kinds of plugins as well as change themes and make other edits. Alinonwoo is very limited and only for people who are super basic with wordpress and web knowledge. Downside is also you can never transfer to an Aliwoo shop later, you would have to set it up from scratch. Hope this helps.
I am hosting with Good price, very fast and excellent support. Also the setup is made for the plugin(s) to run perfectly. I recommend.