AliDropship Google Chrome extension ver. - UPDATE

Victoria Kudryashova

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AliDropship extension's invoice tool
Update your extension's version by reloading Google Chrome.

With this useful tool you can generate invoices for every order you placed on AliExpress for a certain period in one click.
Go to AliExpress -> My accounts -> Your company info: fill in all fields with information and click 'Save':

Select dates for generating bulk invoice (or tick on checkboxes near the order you need) -> click 'Search' (we do not recommend to generate invoice for all orders in your account, because AliExpress can restrict your account for a while): -> click 'Generate Bulk Invoice':

When invoice is generated you will see Invoice number which is generated randomly, your company info, AliExpress' business name and address, your orders details.

At the bottom of the page you will see totals:

  • Price per item;
  • Quantity;
  • Tax;
  • Total price;
If you paid your orders in different currencies they will be shown separately:

You also can generate invoice for a single order, just click 'Generate Invoice' for the order you need:

Now you can print the invoice.