AdsPower’s Guide to Choosing Proxies


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When doing e-commerce marketing and attracting traffic to the site, you'll inevitably come across mutliaccounting problems.

Some people choose to use multiple network cables, but the cost is huge, and the network cables takes up space; some people open an amount of pages in Chrome browser, using with proxy extensions, but it will leak the user's information, and the same hardware fingerprint is easy to be detected by the platform.

Here’s the ultimate guide from AdsPower to choosing the suitable proxy for your business!


Proxy classification on the market

Generally, there are three types of proxy: data center proxy, residential proxy, and mobile proxy. Among them, data center proxy and residential proxy are the most commonly used. Their characteristics are as follow:



How to choose the suitable proxy according to your needs

We have made a comparison between data center proxy and residential proxy.



How to configure different types of proxy in AdsPower

When we talk about the use of proxy, it usually covers use cases such as: online shop management, social media marketing, independent online store off-site promotion, ad verification, online games, etc. Different type of proxy is required for different use case.

Use Data Center Proxy for Ecommerce Shop Management

As we all know, to run multiple Amazon shops, separated IP addresses are needed to avoid association. Usually at this time, VPS is a good option. In AdsPower, you can choose “SSH Proxy Mode” to set up the purchased VPS.


Use Residential Proxy for Social Media Marketing

For those who promote their products on social media, it is particularly important to use multiple accounts to create a marketing matrix for advertising. In the case of FB marketing, people usually use a personal account for advertising, and the residential proxy is the best choice to prevent your accounts from being suspended or banned! AdsPower integrates with IPv6 protocol, allowing users to set up their own residential proxies of different protocols, including rotating and static proxies.


Then you may ask: how to choose proxy?

Proxies provided by different providers vary in type and price. You need to take these factors into account when making a purchase. Let's take several popular proxy providers as example:


Rotating proxy: Manually or automatically setting up proxies in AdsPower


If you want to know more about the test and use of IP with AdsPower, you can read the previous article:《Proxy Reviews: Which Proxies Are the Best for AdsPower》


For residential IP, how to test the IP and login environment

How can I know that the residential IP is anonymous in the configured environment? We can detect residential IP based on two main points:

1、In the configured environment, can the website detect that we are using the proxy IP?


If the IP address showed on the website is the same as the proxy address you are using, and the website didn’t find you are using proxy IP. Then congratulations, you have got a high-quality proxy!

2、Does the environment I want to simulate clearly correspond to the proxy IP information?

The virtual environment and fingerprint configuration have passed the website test


If you want to know whether your IP and environment are safe, you can check on the following websites:

What Leaks(

Tip: Keep the stability of the network while using proxy IP.

Different business scenarios have different requirements for IP selection and use. Just choose the proxy IP that suits you!