Adsense click-through program / Guaranteed earnings from $200 - 400$ per month



Use Adsense Auto Click Bot to make money with Google Adsense. Can be used on your own websites, blogs, forums.

Guaranteed earnings from $200 per month using the unique Google AdSense click software or a refund of 101% of the order amount if Adsense click does not work according to the algorithm described above or money is not credited by the system.

To do this, special robots of the system monitor many attributes of the user's PC. This list includes screen resolution, font size, browser attributes, random delays, time spent on site, mouse actions… and more. Separately, it should be said that they closely monitor site traffic. This is really important. Adsense records all information about the traffic on the site (traffic sources).

With these methods, Adsense makes sure that all clicks made on ads are real.

How clicks work in Adsense. How Adsense Auto Clicker Works

What is Adsense Clicker? This is an automated script (clickbot) with 100% human behavior when clicking on a contextual ad block from Adsense.

How does the clicker provide human behavior? This script (click fraud program) changes all its attributes for each visit. This guarantees a completely natural action and is completely undetectable by the Adsense system. To do this, the clicker script changes the web browser, browser version (more than 3300 listed in the software), web browser download date, web browser user settings, browser connection, screen resolution, font size, number of clicks made on the website, the number of clicks made on the ad, the time spent on the website, the time spent on the advertiser's website, and more.

Along with this, 2 timing algorithms are used to provide random delays, which ensures 100% human behavior. Also, the script software system uses 3 ways to provide genuine traffic:

1. Direct visit. The script will go directly to your site with new IP addresses and ports (proxy clicker).

2. Visit through search engines. The script will visit your site using search results from all major search engines (Google, Yandex, Yahoo and/or Bing). The script will enter your site with new attributes and proxies in search engines and visit it using search results (traffic auto click bot).

3. Visiting referring sites. You can enter an unlimited number of referring sites. The script will first visit the referring site with the new attributes and proxy. It will then find your site on the referring site and click on it. After the visit, it will work according to the settings (number of clicks, time delays, etc…).

You can use all of these methods at the same time or set percentages and change all settings for each website

What else is in Adsense Clicker

The Adsense click-through program has a number of special features:

- Keyword filtering system (can check specific keywords in search. So you can easily double your CPC).

- Flexible proxy system. You can sort proxies by port, speed and country and thus provide traffic from any part of the world! Software 24/7 and targeted traffic from many computers!

If it is difficult for you to understand this system or if you have any questions, please write to "LICHKU V TG" and all your questions will be answered.

The Adsense click cheat program includes a traffic boost script (traffic auto click bot) to the site (setting GEO targeting for the desired country or region), a proxy clicker and the AdSense clicker itself (Adsense Auto Click Bot). All scripts are embedded in one program.

The program has a user-friendly graphical interface. Simulates a visit with a random pastime of the visitor on the site, “moving” around the site and, in fact, clicking on contextual advertising. Works through a remote secure proxy server in the USA.

Program with 1 key for 1 Adsense account up to 10 sites. Upgradable!

Withstood the test of 2.5 years. Profitability: the first month - $ 200 to $ 400 / month, then - from $ 400 to $ 900 (recommendation for security reasons).

To work, you need a remote server (rent of such a server is up to 500 rubles / month).

The price of the program is $500. The price includes the aforementioned program (in English), instructions (in Russian), assistance in connecting and setting up the script on the server.

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The software is updated automatically for all key owners.

You can test the software before buying, that is, you check the program + clicks will go to your Adsense account balance, which you then calmly withdraw to your account. The price of the test is $35.

To order a test and purchase software, write to tg -


You can always test the software before the main purchase, you check the program itself + you will see clicks on the balance of your Adsense account, which you withdraw to your account without problems and blocking. Test price $50

To order a test and purchase software, write to tg -