ADS Facebook Plugin Vs Woo Commerce Facebook Plugin


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Original ADS Facebook Plugin used by my Original ADS Site.
Woo Commerce Plugin (Free) used by my ADS Woo Site as recommended .

Both started to generate feeds

Original ADS Facebook Plugin freeze at 19%. (Loser)~
Woo Commerce Plugin (Free) used by my ADS Woo Site - Completed in 2.5hrs- without glitch. (Winner)~

In fact I enjoy using Original ADS plugin to setup site is easy as hell, but because of this most used and important product feed plugins always have glitches (Fb & Google). I do not want my 2nd site to have same issue & wait to get fix.

That is why I used ADS Woo with big forest of plugins to choose from if one have issue still have other hopes..

ADS team is very busy and hard working, but I really hope they do fix once and forever.>
Ads are paused because of incomplete broken catalogs.

Dimitriy Strekalov

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Hello! Thank you for your feedback about our product, we highly appreciate it! We are constantly improving our products and are going to fix all issues and inconveniences in the nearest future.

Best regards