Adding Stripe logo to checkout page?

I have Stripe enabled in my account. But I dont see any place to show that credit card payments are powered by Stripe.

I run michael angelo theme.

How do I add stripe logo?


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Or you could hard-code it into the sidebar template:
Michaelangelo: _sidebar.php (cart/cart1/tpl/_sidebar.php)
(you can find it by going to Appearance>Editor in your WP dashboard.
Make sure you make a backup in case you mess it up :)
I wanted to add the logo to the bottom of the page under payment methods. Currently is lists card types. Pls see image.


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Gotta add: if you edit the template file, do it on a child theme, or you'll lose the customization when you upgrade the theme to a newer version
i added this when i saw your post, here it is at footer ---
I downloaded stripe icons and edited one of them to height of 30px (width is relative). File: powered_by_stripe.png (used Photoshop CC)
I used ftp to upload this to .../wp-content/themes/davinci/img/css/powered_by_stripe.png
Then I added this code to the css file (I had to create two css entries based on what is used by the theme -- "partner1" and "p-stripe")

.partner1{display:inline-block;width:132px;height:30px;background:url(./img/css/powered_by_stripe.png) no-repeat}.p-stripe{background-position:0px 0}

Then I edited the footer.php file and look for ----> <li><span><?php _e( 'Payment Methods:', 'ami3' ) ?></span>
Under there - the last icon is: <li><i class="partner p-ae"></i></li> (for Amex)

I added my new code for my stripe icon: <li><i class="partner1 p-stripe"></i></li>

ftp this back to host - DONE
I wouldn't think a theme upgrade was created to also wipe out your image library
But for an added css - that definitely needs to go in the "extra" css block in Customization so it's safe