Hi Alidropship Team,

Is it possible for you to make a plugin for expenses similar to quickbooks? The plugin could help us track all transactions a lot easier.

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You can hire someone to do it for you. There are great offshore companies for this. This is how I dealt with this problem. For my business, hiring an accountant for full time wasn't necessary and also too expensive. This is why I found an offshore company like I have been partners with them for one year, and I am very pleased with how they are doing their job. I can concentrate only on running the business without bothering about documentation and accountancy because I know that professionals do this works.
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I don't have an accountant, and I don't think I will; their services are pretty expensive. It was wiser on my part, which I recommend doing the same to you-take accounting courses and do your own bookkeeping. That's not that hard! It is advisable to do this if you are just starting out. My primary income now is only from dropshipping, I pay taxes, but to prove this, I generate pay stubs free and show this to the bank when I take out a consumer loan or the last time I needed it when I rented.


I don't think it's possible to create the same plugin yourself. However, you can write a plugin code that will look like it. It all depends on your IT skills. Personally, I have been using another plugin for expenses and income for a long time. If you are interested, I can share its name. It allows me to share data at any time with my financier who has completed the courses indicated on Thus, I can quickly analyze my economic activity and draw appropriate conclusions. Have you thought about it?
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I have posted something similar some days ago:

I think this should be easily possible and would already be a good help.