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Accept payments online from all over the world with Paykassma

Leading payment processing solution in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kenya, Uzbekistan, and many other countries since 2019

Get access to 4+ billion users
from the most promising markets

100+ local payment methods within a single integration: bKash, Nagad, Upay, Rocket, PM, PhonePe, UPI, UPI S, IMPS, PayTM, Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, Skrill, Neteller, Vietin Bank, Visa, Mastercard and many others.

Experience Paykassma today!

  • 20%+ conversion growth
  • x100 turnover increase in just one week
  • 99.999%+ payment success rate
  • No rolling reserves
  • No holds
  • Instant settlements (T+0)
  • 24/7/365 support

Accept instant payments, make payouts to users and withdraw your money with BTC/USDT or bank transfers any time you want.

Helping to grow businesses in various industries since 2019

  • iGaming
  • Forex
  • Trading
  • Education
  • Dating
  • E-commerce
  • Binary & more

Simple integration via API or Hosted payment page with customizable payment form

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What kind of businesses do you work with?

Paykassma has been a leading provider of payment processing solutions since 2019.
We work with companies of all sizes and across all industries, offering infrastructure that sets the benchmark in our markets. We offer payment processing services for iGaming, Trading, Crypto, eCommerce, and other businesses, including those considered high risk.

What are high-risk businesses?

The term "high risk" was coined by banks to politely refuse opening accounts for companies they don't favor for various reasons. For instance, banks may consider a young business high risk if it lacks a substantial transaction history. Or when several customers of the business have paid for an order but then initiated chargebacks. Or when the business is seasonal, resulting in unstable income flow. What should a business do in such cases to accept payments online? Simply integrate Paykassma – a time-tested solution for accepting high-risk payments in any business vertical.

How to find the best payment gateway?

Focus on aligning the gateway's features and policies with your specific business needs, especially given the challenges and risks associated with high-risk industries. Assess whether the gateway can handle your expected transaction volume, especially during peak times. Look for providers that know how to accept high-risk payments online. Ensure the gateway is PCI DSS compliant. Check how easy it is to integrate a specific gateway with your existing systems and e-commerce platforms. Paykassma has been operating within the global high-risk payments market since 2019, making our team well-equipped to grant you access to new users and provide a reliable infrastructure capable of effortlessly scaling your transactions.

What is a high risk payment processing?

High-risk payment processing refers to the services provided by Paykassma to businesses considered to be at a higher risk of chargebacks, fraud, or have a higher likelihood of financial instability. These businesses often operate in industries that are subject to higher regulatory scrutiny or have business models that are prone to disputes and refunds. Examples include, but are not limited to e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, forex, trading, gambling, betting, adult entertainment, and others. Being a leading payment processor in the high-risk segment, Paykassma specializes in working with these types of businesses, offering them the ability to accept 100+ local payment methods around the world despite the higher risks involved.

What is a high risk merchant account?

A high-risk merchant account is a type of business bank account specifically designed for high-risk businesses. Having a high-risk merchant account enables these businesses to operate and grow by accepting payments online. It's crucial for high-risk merchants to find a suitable payment processor that understands their industry and can offer terms and services tailored to their specific needs. Paykassma has been a verified and reliable provider of high-risk merchant accounts in markets across Asia, Africa, and other regions since 2019, making us the choice for industry leaders.

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