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Here's some feedback on things that I believe can/should be improved upon.

1) The plug-in requires the following permission:
  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
Why? The plug-in is specific to AliExpress and therefore it should only require permission to access your data on that specific website. On its current form the plugin can snoop at any data from any site you visit... online banking maybe? Or anything else where the user's privacy should be respected (IOW, everywhere)? The current workaround for this is to enable AliDropship *ONLY* when you are working with your store, and then disabling it. AliDropship has no business looking at data from any other site other than AliExpress.

2) The plug-in requires Chrome to be open 24x7 so the auto-updates work.

Excuse me? Even with the browser freshly opened and the plug-in properly authenticated on AliExpress sometimes the update doesn't work. This design needs revisiting IMHO. When it works it's wonderful but when it doesn't it's a pain.

3) The practice of asking for admin credentials to the WordPress console in order to troubleshoot a problem.

While I understand the desire to look at the problem and try to fix it for the customer with your own eyes this is inexcusable. At every single company I've worked for you aren't supposed to share your password with ANYONE, not even customer support. Anyone providing support should be able to:
  • Get diagnostic data from logs that the app should generate.
  • Provide the customer with test scripts to follow and provide the results, and make decisions based on those results.
  • If the above fails, schedule a call or chat session to troubleshoot the problem with the customer.
  • If you can't provide free support, then set tiered (paid) levels of support where you can do the calls/chat sessions.
  • If you still can't do that, it's a matter of time before a new solution/competitor comes along that does.
There is no reason to ask for admin credentials to look around, and while it requires a certain level of trust to install (plugin is already integrated with your WordPress site) that trust should not be taken lightly. Or is anyone not paying attention to the current Facebook scandal as an example.

4) Using the customer as a beta tester.

Only release updates that have been thoroughly tested. I see many instances of an update pushed to production with issues that should have been evident enough to have been caught during test.

My $0.02. Hope it helps you guys in delivering a better product. AliDropship plugin is the best plugin out there for AliExpress dropshipping, and I hope it keeps getting better.

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While I'm not disagreeing with any of your points, point 2 stands out for me, I really don't like the design of keeping a browser/plugin open for auto update to work.