454000 $ in a year with Alidropship

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AMazing story, well done. Every hard work pays after. Looking forward to reading that e-book. Cheers
Hey, Thank you! I don't live in HK but I go a lot there.
I registered an OFFSHORE Business so I did not have any problem registering my company.
Moussdog, is going offshore still relevant with the recent taxation regulations?

I thought HK, like other countries, is a participant country and has to give out ultimate beneficiaries. So when your name pops up with French tax authorities, it's not gonna look good.

I hope it's not the case though:) Which bank are you using then that goes ok with Stripe?

Hafiz M. Abdullah

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Hey drop shippers,

I don't know if you guys remember me, I did not check this forum for months now…
I'm just back to let you guys know a little bit more about my drop shipping business because it's been approximatively 1 year I opened my most successful shop and I wanted to show you guys my results.

A lot of things happened this year, I was able to travel all around the world while making 6 figures on my MacBook.
Registered my company in Hong Kong to avoid the tax rape here in France.
Invested in Crypto thanks to the Dropshipping money and made a beautiful 50x :cool:
Had also a lot a hard time with Stripe, Paypal asking a ton of documents,
Had some concurrent who tried to shut me down,
but the journey is still amazing :)

I want to thank @Yaros and his team, they changed my life forever.
Alidropship plugin is way better now.

I will be answering few of your questions guys! Let's go :)

Instagram: Moussdog

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can i check ur dropshipping site???


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Hey guys,

Thank you for all your DM and follow on my Instagram ( Instagram: Moussdog)
Means a lot to me, I saw that a lot of you are running stores and looking for advice, actually more than 100 of you.
So I'm thinking to write an Ebook and offer personal video training.

This Course will include :

  1. Niche research, find a winning product.
  2. How to properly set up your store with Alidropship.
  3. Plugins to add to your website, how to organize a product page to get GOOD conversion rate.
  4. Set up perfectly your payment gateways, avoid futures a headache that I had with Paypal and Stripe.
  5. Most Importantly, the marketing, my personal secrets for growing an audience via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  6. How to use your Email list.
  7. How to handle your customer's support. One of the pillars of the business.
  8. How to delegate tasks to other people. It's really important to know how to delegate the tasks when your business is growing, otherwise, your business will fall.
  9. and FINALLY, the thing that I get a lot. TAX. I will learn you how to register your company in Hong Kong and answer to all the questions that you have in mind.
I will put my heart and soul into this project and offer EVERYTHING that I know about this business, I want to share with you my knowledge and avoid you to make mistakes that I did before. That will have a price, I will do my best to sell this " course " at a reasonable price because I was just like some of you guys, not a lot of money, a part-time job... so I know this struggle.

So are you guys are interested in this? Leave a like if you are or reply to this message if you're in.

Thank you guys, All the best for you!

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I think that each kind of trading is risky, isn't it? But how about trading CFDs? Is this way of trading riskier? Well, people argue about it. To be honest, I've been engaged into CFD trading, and I'm actually trading CFDs with Investous Forex Trading even now. I guess it's profitable kind of trading, and, in fact, I love the CFDs because I prefer speculating the prices. It fits me better. For instance, I've tried trading with shares, and I felt like I'm assuming unnecessary risks. Why not doing a less risky job and get the same amount of money? In the end, it's not about what you're trading, it's about finding what fits you and the way you'll do it. Find what's yours and you'll find ways to make as much money as any other successful trader.
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