2Checkout payment gateway asking for some things to do.

Hello guys i have applied for 2CO, they have sent me an email and ask the following things to do. Can any one tell me what will i have to write in response.
  • Are you using a drop-shipper/wholesaler/distributor (like AliExpress or similar) to source the products being sold on your website?
  • Business Description: In your 2Checkout application and account, under the field "describe the goods and services you plan to sell", you listed: eCommerce. Please log in to your 2Checkout account, select "Company Info", and update this field so it reflects the actual products or services you wish to sell from your website. Our compliance team will not approve any account without relevant business details listed in this field.
What should i write in that field? And also do i need to tell them that i am a drop shipper?

Hi khavar,

What do you think? Are they idiots?... :)

They get thousands of applications daily and a lot of them are drop shippers. They know exactly, you are one of them (they check all of the stores - for example: in my store, they found a couple of empty categories). So in my opinion, you have to tell the truth. You have to be serious with them, polite, and professional.

And after that: pray and hope they will appreciate your honesty and professionalism and they will give you permission to use their service.