25 days, the first sale!

On July 31, 2019, I purchased "Alidropship". This morning surprise came. The two orders came from the same person.
It took me more than 10 days to set up a store to upload products, and the real sales time maybe only 10 days.
I use facebook ads (currently $20) and set up "GA Enhanced Ecommerce."
I will try Google Shopping Ads, girlfromblacksea gives me confidence (https://forum.alidropship.com/threads/how-i-got-my-first-sales-with-google-shopping-with-no-experience-in-e-com-and-digital-marketing-with-detailed-reports.14144/) when I first started running Google Shopping Ads, I failed, now I will go back.

Thanks to everyone who helped me. If really run fine, I will share my experience to help others.
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