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Even without the request to not include promo stuff and the Chinese translation, it would be rare for the sellers to include any promo stuff. This is based on my own experience of ordering HEAPS of stuff for myself from Aliexpress. I can't recall EVER getting any promotional stuff or any indications that the parcel came from Aliexpress. The packaging and contents have always been as minimal as it can be.

So as long as you use that request not to include any promo stuff etc, you will be perfectly fine. I'd say that most Aliexpress sellers are well aware that drop shippers use their services.



What kind of information is shown on the invoice/ receipt when you order off Aliexpress? I am concerned about my payment info or name appearing on invoice, since I use a personal paypal account.
Most if not all the time, AliExpress don't accept Paypal payment. Some sellers do accept Paypal but you are not suppose to order directly with them.