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discord nitro 12 months + 2 boost | activation | any country | activation within 5-60 minutes

Good day dear buyers.

You will have the opportunity to purchase goods from us: discord nitro 12 months + 2 boosts

About Us:
• Lura shop on the world market for more than 2 years.
• More than 1000 satisfied customers
• Our product will not drain.
• Guarantee for it all its term.
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• We guarantee the safety of your data, our specialists conduct a video recording of the issuance of goods.
• In case of violations on our part, we will compensate you in the amount of $ 1000 to your card.

About item:

Discord Nitro QR (Various types)
• This is a new generation of Discord Nitro issuance that does not crash.
• If you previously had a Discord Nitro, we can still give you ours.
• Must not have an active subscription. (Exclusions can be extended for a year if you are active for a month)
• You will receive an official check in the mail. So do not be afraid, there will be no blocking and punishment, everything is legal.

How is the issuance:

After purchasing the product, you will receive a 16-digit code that you need to send to the chat with the seller.

After that, within 5-10 minutes, our manager will send you a QR code that you need to scan in order for us to log into your account.

Don't worry, your data is safe and will not be shared with third parties.

We do not specifically ask for your username and password.
Since this data is personal and should not be distributed, the QR code stops working after 2 minutes. It also does not contain your username and password.

We purchase a subscription to our personal card, it does not matter to us what country you are from.

We inform you about the readiness and after checking we look forward to your feedback.

We also recommend changing your password for added security.

Our specialists work in browsers with a ban on the collection of cookies, etc.

Thank you for your purchase and have a good time!​