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Can't scale ads due to constant bans and routine?
Endless preparation of cabinets, account bans, publication of links and updating statistics for dozens of cabinets.
— Familiar situation? We have a solution!

Dolphin is a Facebook advertising tool for CPA marketers ⚡
Create, duplicate, start, stop and delete ad campaigns across hundreds of accounts in a couple of clicks.
Track their status and view analytics in one window. Publish ready-made advertising campaigns in a few minutes!

See how it works on a real example ✅

Cool, right? And also Dolphin is:

Make your life easier right now!
Go to the site and find out how to start using ;)

❗Website: https://dolphin.ru.com
News channel: https://t.me/dolphin_news
Users Chat: https://t.me/dolphin_en
You can contact support on the website or directly in the application window!
With promo code ONEDOLPHIN you will get 4 days of trial and 20% discount on your first payment!​

Dolphin team!​


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deniszhitnyakov | CPA, FB, Dolphin

⚡️Reporting about Dolphin again

✅ Another fix of unreasonable statuses Removed
✅ Fix repeated notifications in TG by account status
✅ Improved work of the functions of transferring the cabinet between social accounts
✅ At the moment, a new, completely rewritten synchronization of statistics and comments has been released for several users.

The speed increase is approximately x5. Testing tomorrow and this weekend and next week we will release it to everyone.
It will become faster, more convenient - a lot of work has been invested in this!

;) Version 2022.251.12 - already installed on you

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deniszhitnyakov | CPA, FB, Dolphin

What's new in Dolphin

✅ Worked in the function of transferring advertising cabinets. Should be noticeably better.
In particular, I eliminated the TOP 3 most "popular" problems that were in requests for this feature.
+ fixed a bug when there was a green tick in the interface, but in fact the cabinet was not transferred.

There is still something to fix, because there FB is having fun as it can in this area!
In case of errors, please contact @dolphin_developer in each particular case
I am sitting under the account, I will immediately see your problems.
It is now my highest priority to make the best possible transfer of cabinets for you,
so all reports of transmission errors are welcome!

✅ Rolled out accelerated data synchronization. In order to protect both you and me, I am rolling it out in optional mode.
That is, now you have the old type of synchronization. In order to enable the new one, you need to go to Settings and enable Experimental features.

❗️If you have something wrong in the new synchronization, then write here ➡️ @dolphin_developer
We'll fix everything nicely ;)



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deniszhitnyakov | CPA, FB, Dolphin

Report about Dolphin

✅ Improved automatic rules.
Now, if the "Campaign name" condition is selected,
the rule in FB will be created not with the "Equals" condition, but with the "Contains text" condition

✅ Added checkbox "Force select FP to display ads" in the fan page change dialog
This checkbox is needed if you want to be guaranteed to receive ads on behalf of the FP when displaying ads in applications

✅ Fixed bug with annoying FP ban notifications

✅ Fixed display of account balance write-offs,
if you have experimental features enabled (new faster data sync)

✅ Fixed one case of insta loading error due to some changes in Facebook API.

✅ Improved the success rate of the change FP function. He began to work even better.

✅ Fixed creation of FP of both old and new types.
If you are still having trouble building, let me know here - @dolphin_developer

ℹ️ Version 2022.270.9 (or higher). Already on your server ;)


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⚡️ News of the week 24.10/30.10:

✅ We made a new type of FP transmission
✅ Added support for iOS 14+ advertising campaigns. In the settings where the OS version is selected, you can now check this box.
✅ Improved work of hold confirmation on payment risks bans. Permeability has greatly increased.
✅ Fixed a bug with the fact that sometimes the desired type of location in the car depot was not selected (locals, travelers, etc.).
✅ Fixed an error in displaying the referral balance, which was observed for some referrals.

ℹ️ Version 2022.304.7 (or higher) will be installed automatically.

❗️ For all questions, be sure to write here - @dolphin_developer


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What would you give to have your favorite Dolphin automation tool go cloud-based? :)

We personally donated:

- hundreds of hours of painstaking development
- a couple of million nerve cells of product managers
- several thousand rubles for strong coffee

And this is all for the sake of making it easier for you to work with our tool.

And you don't have to give anything! Just stay tuned,
we will tell you very soon what cloud dolphin is and what you need to start using it.


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Hi all! :)

FB cloud automation from Dolphin coming soon
Let's talk a little about what it is and why everyone was waiting for it.

What is cloud automation?
All the same Dolphin, only now it will not need to be installed on the server, which means you will not have to spend extra money

Saving is good, but what are the other advantages?
Cloud automation is much faster than server automation. Just click and everything will quickly display

How to transfer accounts? Manually, right?
In no case! As usual, we took care of your convenience and made a special tool for transferring accounts from the server to the cloud.

Sounds too cool, what are the pitfalls?
The functionality of cloud autocomplete is slightly behind the server one. Everything you need to get started is already there. Additional features that have recently appeared in server-side automation will be transferred to the cloud within a month

I like everything, take my money!
We need to wait a bit. Follow the news - very soon we will announce the start of sales of cloud automation and work will become even more convenient ❤️



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How much can you save with Dolphin Cloud?

Quite a lot, considering that not only money is saved, but also time.

The average Dolphin user spends $15/month and $180/year on hosting.
Dolphin Cloud does not need to be installed on the server, which means that you will not have any additional costs.
With the money saved, you can pay for a cool movie in an online cinema, buy a game on PS,
Treat your hookah to some new tobacco or just think you now have $180 off your Dolphin membership.

⌛️ What about time? The dolphin cloud works fast. Really faster than server autocomplete.
If you actively use the service, you can save about 2 hours of time per month and 24 hours per year.
Just imagine that just because you switch to another version of your favorite service, a whole day will be added to your life. Well beauty!

We all know how fast and stable Facebook ad account works. With Dolphin Cloud you will save a lot of nerve cells.
A few clicks and advertising immediately launched on dozens of accounts. And since the cloud autocomplete was written from scratch,
there are even fewer bugs in it than in the server one. And this means that the nervous system will not worry at all.

We will announce the release very soon. Follow the news! ;)



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Hey :)

Happy New Year!
We wish every morning in 2023 to meet you with good results in advertising statistics. Let advertising platforms be loyal to your ads.
Let the crypto that lies on your wallets grow. Let everything work out!

For us, as for everyone, 2022 has been a challenging year. But we did not stand still and made Dolphin even cooler.
For example, this year we:

✅ Fixed another bug from Facebook - invald request. As soon as possible!
✅ Launched the transition of the system to laravel. It sounds like something on a bird, but in fact it is of great benefit - the system has become more stable, which means you have become more comfortable working
✅ Changed the principle of data synchronization in the service. Now syncing data with Facebook is even faster!

Of course, we're not going to stop there. Here are just some of our plans for next year:

✅ The release of Dolphin Cloud is even faster and more convenient than server automation, and it will not need to be installed on the server!
✅ Improved transfer functionality. In most functions, it will be possible to transfer / interact with several accounts / advertising cabinets at once.
For example, the transfer of a personal advertising account or the transfer of a personal advertising account to BM.
✅ Transfer all functions to laravel. This means that the server Dolphin will be as stable as possible.
✅ Automate filing of all appeals. Everything will happen automatically, without your participation.

We wish you tremendous success in the coming year. Well, we will always be there for you to achieve it with ease. Happy New Year!



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Hello everyone!

Built, built and finally built! We present to your attention the long-awaited avmamization of FB Dolphin Cloud advertising!

Yes, yes, the moment has come when you can click, get high and completely switch to the cloud version. Why migrate to a new solution and why is Dolphin Cloud so cool?

✅ No need to install on the server - save time and money.
✅ Designed from scratch, which means it does not contain bugs that can be found in the old version of the tool.
✅ The interface has become 10 times faster. I pressed the button and in a second everything worked - no delays.

In general, there is no reason not to move to Dolphin Cloud.
Moreover, it is possible to transfer all data, including accounts, to a new service. Of course, your paid fare days will be carried over.

⚡️Everything, everything, let's not tease you. Here is the link to the service - https://cloud.dolphin.tech⚡️



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New pack of updates at Dolphin{cloud}

✅ Improved in the product:
Updated issuance of User Agent to the current ones, now UA 109 is issued, the latest version
When registering for new users, we now give 7 days of trial so that we have more time to understand the product. Register for testing.
When registering, we now immediately show the necessary columns for working with statistics: reach, clicks, CRS, results, CPA, etc.
Improved the speed of adding accounts in bulk mode, now adding works in asynchronous mode and should be much faster. We are waiting for your feedback.
Improved requests when changing budgets in campaigns/adsets - now requests are sent in asynchronous mode and everything works much faster.
Improved the search bar in the “campaigns” section. Previously, search by numbers did not work correctly.
Improved the creation of the FP - earlier, if the user specified the name with a small letter, he would receive an error from the FB. Now we ourselves change the small letter to the big one and there are no errors.
Made it clearer errors when trying to get a token from non-valid cookies.

Fixed bugs:
We fixed the issue when proxies were not added for a user with the Teamlead role.
Fixed the problem with deleting proxies for users with the role of Farmer, Bayer, Teamlead.
Fixed a problem with editing tags for users with the role of Farmer, Bayer, Team Lead.
Fixed a problem with editing notes for users with the role of Farmer, Bayer, Team Lead.
When checking tokens, the number of verified accounts now displays the correct numbers.
Fixed problems with displaying the assigned proxy to the account when viewing teammates' accounts.
Fixed the problem with the language change button in the interface.

Join the work Dolphin{cloud}, the new service is much faster and you don't have to pay for servers ;)



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☁️We continue to increase the pace of work to optimize and improve Dolphin{cloud} every day. Get the latest update package:


Optimized receiving additional tokens during synchronization. Now it happens an order of magnitude faster.
Optimized the process of synchronization and getting statistics on accounts - unnecessary requests have been removed.
Incorrect values that could be obtained by entering numbers instead of letters have been removed from GEO.
Improved proxy checking when adding accounts via "Add many".
Improved token extraction from cookies when adding accounts via "Add many".
Added an explanation in the interface if the user tries to add an account without a proxy via "Add One" or "Add Many".

Bug fixes:

Fixed task queue scrolling on ads. Now nothing "goes" beyond the list of created tasks.
Fixed adding an account to the system if new proxies are entered and existing ones are not selected.
Fixed the counter at the levels "Accounts", "Campaigns", "Advertising", "Ads". Now the counter will not take into account elements that were previously selected and are no longer relevant for selection.
Fixed deletion of columns when setting the display of columns. Previously, you couldn't remove the "Link Clicks" or "Results" columns if you didn't need them.
Fixed display of account archive campaigns if archive accounts were not displayed and highlighted.
Fixed saving notification settings in Telegram.
Fixed user creation. Now, when trying to create a user with mail that is already in the system, Dolphin will indicate this.

Come to Dolphin{cloud} right now, feel the speed of the cloud version!



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• The bottom panel, which shows all the important information about the subscription: the plan, the remaining days, the number of users
• "Collapse/Expand" function for the list of BMs at the "Accounts" level. Now a large list of BMs does not overload the interface and looks concise
• Indication of sending an ad for re-moderation in the form of "watches"
• Indication of the end and warnings about the end of the subscription
• Indication when trying to add 1 rule to a group of autorules, you can add at least 2
• API key validation for cost export
• Android version 12.0 and 13.0 for targeting

• UI for different functionalities
• Get exchange rates to convert to USD
• The process of uniqueizing creatives when publishing ads
• Work with GEO in targeting

• Problem with Ad Account when creating on BM, which was shared on a social account. Now all access rights are given to this Ad Account
• Problems associated with the transfer of Ad Accounts to accounts
• Problem with displaying BM Ad Accounts in the "Ad Accounts" section, when choosing in the "BM" section
• Problem with finding the time-zone when creating an ad account in "BM"
• The problem with the restart of bundles on the roles of Bayer, Teamlead, Farmer
• The problem when the ad account was not transferred to the BM due to "Unknown error"
• A problem with a cumbersome list of generated FP names when creating a FP. Now this field scrolls even when creating a FP
• The problem of incorrect time-zone in the queue of the bay of advertising and the time zone of statistics synchronization
• Sorting proxies by columns "Accounts" and "Accounts count"
• Indication of card linking statuses during linking
• Error "Budget too small" when uploading with non-USD currency.
• Displaying the last digits of card numbers after linking to ad accounts. Previously displayed "no card", but the card was linked
• Search for auto-rules in "Auto-rules" and in "Auto-rules groups"

Join Dolphin{cloud}, there is a lot of interesting things ahead!


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Dolphin{cloud} will not make you bored ;)
This time we added the following features:

✅ Added logs in the ad upload jobs.
Now you can see in more detail how the flooding took place,
what was flooded and get more information on the process.

✅ Renamed the "Clicks, CPA" column to the usual CPC for our clients.

✅ Added the name of the accounts from which the upload was made to the ad accounts in the upload jobs.

✅ Fixed an issue with automatic placements. Now if you select "Auto-placements",
you do not need to worry that they will be selected in FB as if "manually".

✅ Added the switcher "Set card as primary" when adding the card

❗️Hurry up and join Dolphin{cloud} and enjoy the new amenities



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Hi :)
We never stop working on improving Dolphin{cloud} to make it even more convenient.
And today we want to please you with new functionality. Here are the new features:

- We've implemented password recovery feature.
If you forgot your account password, click "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions.
Now you can change it yourself by verifying it by mail in a few seconds. Note that the recovery code may end up in "Spam".
Make sure to mark it as not spam, and future emails will go straight to your "Inbox".

- We have added the columns "Payments" and "Payments totall".
The first column will show the sum of charges according to the selected period for a certain cabinet.
The second column will show the sum of charges for the whole existence of the selected cabinet.

- We have added a filter by status of announcements in the "Ads" section.
Now you can filter any number of ads by desired status or by several statuses at once and forget about long search process.

- Implemented the ability to duplicate a bundle.
Now you can duplicate a mapping in one click. Go to "Create bundle" and click on the "Duplicate" button.

- We've implemented renaming your accounts through the Dolphin{cloud} interface.
To do this, select an account, go to the menu, and rename it as you want.

- We have supplemented the functionality of the spending limit at the "Ad accounts" level.
You can set the sum of cents that can be subtracted from billing and set such a limit in order to be in time for the first bill. Firstbill is alive, you can upload ads!

✅ Join Dolphin{cloud} and enjoy the speed of the cloud version!



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Get ready to put your speed and skills to the test as we've launched the Dolphin{cloud} Speedtest contest!

What do you have to do?

You'll have to complete a speed challenge.
Whoever is fastest, adds and updates 25 Dolphin{cloud} accounts will be the winners and get nice prizes:

1st place: Pro plan for 1 year
2nd place: Pro plan for 6 months
3rd place: Pro plan for 1 month

To participate in the contest, you need to complete the task and send a screencast to the chat.

⚡️ Contest period: 5.06 - 19.06

Screen recording requirements:

1. Video must be in good quality and free of interference.
2. Remember to turn on your stopwatch before entering the contest.
The recording should show you turning the stopwatch on and off after you complete the task to ensure the fairness of the contest.
Read about how to do this here.

To make it easier, we've prepared an example of how to complete the challenge.

If you don't have a subscription yet and the trial is over,
fill out the form and we'll give you 3 days access to Dolphin{cloud} to enter the contest.

❗️ Every 3 days we will build a leaderboard and publish it in the chat.
On June 19 we will sum up the results and choose the winners.

✅ Participate and win access to Dolphin{cloud}



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New Dolphin{cloud} functionality⚡️

We often talk about how much we appreciate your feedback, and these are not just words.
At Dolphin, we not only listen to you, but also do everything possible to make your proposals a reality.

Today we are ready to open the curtain and introduce you to the new Dolphin{cloud} functions, which are implemented exactly at your request!

✅The ability to deactivate the advertising cabinet.
✅PRO mode on social accounts.
✅The ability to change the avatar for an OP that already exists on the account.

As always, you will find all the details and video instructions in the article.
Get to know new features soon and simplify your work with Dolphin{cloud}!



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New Release of Dolphin{server}!

We're often asked what inspires us in our work.
The answer is simple: your feedback, comments, and suggestions.
The feedback from our users is the driving force behind the development and refinement of Dolphin{server}!

This time, we've added new features that will undoubtedly be useful to each of you:

✅Editing ad text at the "Ads" level.
✅Disabling notifications on a social account.
✅Bulk filling of bio information for Fan Page.
✅Archiving/unarchiving adsets.

Want more details? A thorough description and video guides are already waiting for you in the article.
Follow the link and discover all the benefits of the updated Dolphin{server}!



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Ordered some fresh news from Dolphin{cloud}?

Ready for some tasty updates and optimizations? Let's not keep you waiting and dive straight into the juicy details!

What's new?

1. Auto-fill for FP bio and information.

Now, when you create or edit Fan Page, the bio and information are filled out automatically! Say goodbye to manual setups or asking farmers to do it.
View details

2. Preset configurations for statistics columns.
Pick the columns you need, create your own presets, and manage the display order. All for your convenience!
Learn more

3. New filters at the "Ads" and "Adsets" levels.
We've added handy filters based on account status, cabinet status, expenses, and more.
See it in action


- Improved work with comments.
- Improved handling of receiving creatives for ads.
- Fixes to the front part of the site.
- Improved functionality for changing adset parameters.
- Improved work with the budget in advanced settings when creating advertising.

More updates are on the way!



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Black Friday in the world of Dolphin{cloud}!

Ready to plunge into the utmost efficiency and speed for your ad campaigns?
Dolphin{cloud} has prepared delightful discounts for you, ensuring your Facebook advertising
soars to new heights without the risk of blocks!

For new users - a real treat, with discounts on any plan:
1-2 months - 25% off!
3-4 months - 30% off!
5-6 months - 35% off!
If you've used us before but stopped, we offer a 35% discount on any tariff and term!

How to claim your discount? Just follow these steps:
1) Write “Dolphin Black” in a direct message to Zheka (@evg_dolphin) or Denys (@denys_dolphin).
2) Choose your plan — and pay at a juicy price!
3) Start your accounts in Dolphin{cloud} and enjoy smooth sailing on the Facebook waves!

Black Friday with Dolphin Cloud — your chance to boost on FB without the hassle