1. M

    Product translation into another language than usual

    Hi, I want to buy a web template from aliexpress. But I'm not sure if they will translate product names and descriptions, etc. into Czech, when Czech is not on aliexpress at all. Could you help me?
  2. M

    [Service] Sophisticated & Natural Product Description, Article or Sales Letter

    Hi! I'm a student looking for extra work. I have spoken English my entire life. I also have a friend in America, a native speaker, that I've spoken with almost everyday and will always be ready to criticize my writing. I'm offering to make your product descriptions or any articles that you...
  3. M

    Issue with products associated on blog

    Hi, I consulted your documentation and the forum without finding an answer to my question: Could not correct the sentence (ACHETER CETTE HISTOIRE). This translation is incorrect but I can not find it in any .po file If I remove product on post blog, when the article is updated, the products...
  4. yadrop

    Translate "Size Guide" in other languages

    Hello, I'd like to translate the mention "Size Guide" from the product page in an other language. I'd like to modify some datas of the board that displays when we click on "Size Guide". Do you have an idea where I can translate and modify this section of the site? Loco Translate is installed...
  5. Takerian

    DaVinci 2 - "Categories" not translated

    In the loop-product.php file on line 18 there is hardcoded <h3>Categories</h3> and it is not translated.
  6. Takerian

    Translation of reCAPTCHA text

    My reCAPTCHA text isn't translated to the language set in WPLANG. Now I solved it by adding custom code to the head section: <script type="text/javascript" src="" async defer></script> You must add hl GET parameter with language code. Can...
  7. A

    Put translator

    Hi, i am trying to put translator in my website wp. But when i put mess up the text description on front page, or put in header the same. Can anyone help the best plugin for this and dont mess website. tks
  8. P

    How to get a german translation for DaVinci Theme?

    The .po in the /lang forlder is empty. How to set up Wordpress that it use the de_DE file for the DaVinci Theme? Have you any translations ready
  9. Dominik

    WooCommerce Theme and Translations

    Hi, I have a question, does every Woo Theme works with Alidropship plugin? How do I make translation of the theme? Do I Have to contact Woocommerce to do that?
  10. Greg

    2 languages

    Hi, I'd like to have my site in English and French. I know I must translate the theme and the plugin but next ? Which plugin should I use to have: and Does Polylang work for that? Thanks.
  11. A

    Product details in German Language

    hi, i installed the plugin on my site and set all values in wordpress and in the plugin in euro and german but if i import products its in dollar and in english. Can someone help please?
  12. G

    Translating Alidropship to Another Language

    Hello, We would like to translate AliDropShip to Spanish using 'Loco Translate' but some configuration info is missing, please check the attached screenshots.