1. Abu Saeed Mohammad Sayem

    New Build-in Theme Wanted

    It's really good that you guys are updating all Build-in Themes on time but nowadays most AliDropship sellers are using One theme. I hope you all know that. In this situation can you guys develop a new Build-in Theme for us? Personally, I like website. You guys can check that...
  2. M

    How I can edit colours in DaVinci theme?

    Hello dears! I want to personalize themes for my needs but I can't find how to edit tabs colors in product page (see print screen for details). Also, I want to edit color for discount badge (see print for details) Anyone know how to edit it? If my brand colors are black with red - don't look...
  3. aluracing

    Product pictures now showing on different theme

    Hello, how i can do to make product pictures appear in the site without uploading them to the server? if i select another theme that is not davinci the pictures are not showing off. see here any suggestions?
  4. T

    Michelangelo theme not 100% translate (in french)

    Hello, Example in file How can I translate it please ?
  5. ngocduc

    How to change number of products display in catalog page?

    Hello, I'm new here. Default theme Davinci display 10 products per page on catalog products page. I want to change it to 12, 16 or any other value. Please help me how to do it. Thanks!
  6. P

    How to get a german translation for DaVinci Theme?

    The .po in the /lang forlder is empty. How to set up Wordpress that it use the de_DE file for the DaVinci Theme? Have you any translations ready
  7. tamzy

    Theme Conversion Rate

    Has anyone done a test to see which of the three available AliDropship themes converts the best? I've noticed that on the sites (that I've seen) that Yaros runs, he uses the DaVinci theme. Anybody have any concrete or anecdotal info about this that they want to share?
  8. Dominik

    WooCommerce Theme and Translations

    Hi, I have a question, does every Woo Theme works with Alidropship plugin? How do I make translation of the theme? Do I Have to contact Woocommerce to do that?
  9. A

    Use your own Theme

    hi, can we use our own theme and nor davinci or the other one? is the alidropship plugin wirking with oter themes ?