1. F

    Do I have to pay to dropship in UK

    Hey, I am worried about tax complexity. Plz help me overcome it. *I am located in Bangladesh. Now, if I think try to begin dropship in UK, do I have to pay any Vat, or Tariff fee???? *Again, If I want to ship products from UK stores to the local community, do I have any tax/vat obligation? *My...
  2. L

    Taxes Nexus & The Dull Stuff

    This is not the best place for this question but I think it will end up being a valuable thread. So of course move me mods. This is a general thread to help us understand how taxes work for our own scenarios. How to setup for tax correctly? I can only tell you about my understanding given it...
  3. K

    Need for USA address

    Hi, I am a newbie and I need assistance with some issues; (1). I have Stripe connected to my store but do I need a US address for the store too? If I do, do I also need to register the business in the US? I don't live in the US (2). What tax challenges am I likely to face in either of the two...
  4. Omor Faruk

    Shipping & information to set up Google merchant center

    Hi, I am using this website , i want to increase my sale for this i bought some plugin , One of them is google merchant plugin , To set up the plugin need shipping method & taxes information ,Where i can find out this type of information please help me about it Thank you
  5. Flintstone

    Taxes - Clarification

    I did search but there is a lot of contradictory information so I would like to get this clarified. I am a UK based Retailer. Like most of you, my Vendor is Ali-Express. Can somebody please confirm my research? I don't have to pay sales tax when shipping to the USA, where I have no Nexus (no...
  6. S


    Hi im new to woocommerce Im from India dropshipping to other countries ,my question is how to pay tax is that on quarter basis to that specific country ,where shall login and pay the tax everytime I searched but no relevant answer
  7. S


    I noticed that when I drop ship to a customer I am being charged taxes on the order. I am also collecting taxes as well. Which means I am getting hit twice. I have a business license for the state I have nexxus in and collect.
  8. S

    Alidropship plugin and tax management

    Hello there, I want to know if the alidropship plugin can manage tax calculations automatically for dropshipped products depending on location (if i dropship products in all USA and every state has its own sales tax legislation, it will become a mega nightmare !) NB : the case is for a llc...
  9. C

    Taxes / Tariffs

    When importing from China and selling products from Ali Express, are there any taxes / tariffs that we should be factoring into our overhead?
  10. Z

    Registering Of Dropshipping Business

    Hey, Im from India and new to dropshipping. I was thinking of trying this business model but am not aware of any legalities. How to register this business ? Where to register this business ? And should this business be registered in India only ?
  11. L

    Please help, i'm lost about for who I should pay taxes

    Hello, I just started a dropshipping business using Aliexpress platform. Already registered my business as a sole trader and i had almost 20orders this week from united states, uk, spain and portugal. My trading place is in UK, first i tought that is enough to collect invoices from my shop...
  12. Gerard

    Legal questions about my new dropshipping site

    Hi all, i' ve recently started my new dropshipping site. First of all let me make my complemanti to the creators of this plugin. My doubts are about taxes pay, i am situated in italy. I hope that maybe among you there is some Italian so maybe can provide me his experience, in any case whatever...