stripe issue

  1. M

    Stripe Error on Checkout Page

    Hi, I am a newbie and I need some help with Stripe payment method. I'm using Alidropship Original Plugin and El Grecco Theme. My website just got launched and when I tried to make a purchase on the website to test the Stripe Checkout. I tried to use a credit card from Brazil and I've got this...
  2. U

    payments not going through

    hello i recently switched to the alidropship plugin and right now stripe and paypal no longer work on my site transactions arent going through does anyone have a solution to this problem i have contacted the support team but they havent responded and i already have ads running
  3. J


    I know about . Unfortunately, my 1st stripe account was closed! But i created a new one with a new website. Also i have tasted the 2nd one, is working properly. But now my confusion is -(without telling stripe team) : 1.Can we use the same stripe keys...
  4. CP Value House

    Array ( [error] => cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds )

    I don't know know if any one has run into this issue when accepting payments. I am using both PayPal and Stripe to take payments on my website, but it seems that there is an issue with the payments being authorized by either, Upon review of my activities list in the AliDropship Dashboard I...