Wordpress HTTPS Issue

    Hi! I just started an hosting silver plan with Alidropship, linked my DNS to my domain, all was good until I had an issue with security SSL and HTTPS trying to set it up. Now when I try to connect in my Wordpress admin a message appear about security Https warnings and I can't log in WP, my ID...
  2. pravin.p

    Selling my Unlimited A2 Hosting SWIFT plan

    The plan expires on 28 October, 2018 Reason: Its USA based hosting, I am moving to other location hosting where I provide my services. Price: $35 $25 PayPal or Payoneer Have questions? Feel free to message me
  3. G

    How to setup your HTTPS

    Ok so after reading some posts here on the forums I noticed that many ask about HTTPS(SSL) verification and such My hosting provider has this Let's Encrypt™ SSL which I have activated(it is free of charge btw but not available an entire year but rather few months and in order to make it work...
  4. Jaro

    Https doesn't fully work

    Please correct the compatibility of the alidropship plugin with SSL certificates as it still refers to unsecure http pages even though everything is setup correctly which results in browsers marking the website's connection as insecure: please look at...
  5. K

    Moving to Alidropship hosting but already have SSL

    Hi, I'm looking to move my site (still in development) to the alidropship hosting because my usual host it turns out doesn't have the correct version of OpenSSL. I've already purchased and installed a SSL from namecheap on this domain. Do I need to disable or do anything with that before I...