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  1. R

    How to make live product review author name format match aliexpress author review name

    i do understand this issue has been address in here before and the solution was provided. I insert the same code into my function.php, it works as it describe where any people who post a product review, their author name would be for example instead of "John" >> "J**n" This helps in bringing...
  2. D

    Reviews sorting: new to old-->) instead of old to new

    Dears, When I import reviews, on alidropship woocommerce, the reviews are then displayed from old (date) to newest (date). I assume customers wish to see from newest (date) to oldest. How can I change this easily please? Thx
  3. T


    Hi, as per title, the reviews are importing and the single product page will show the number of reviews however in the review block, there are no reviews displayed below the review count It only shows 'write review' it does not show the imported reviews See attached thanks!
  4. D

    Import up to 5 reviews

    Hey all, we are importing reviews to our store and I realised that in case the product has more than 20 reviews, we need to import at least all those 20 reviews. Since we need to manually translate them to other language we would be happy to import like 5 reviews only. However it seems to be...
  5. G

    Reviews aren't showing up on the website no matter what i do! please help.

    I have tried importing reviews under the alidropship tab> import reviews. I wait for the timer to reach 100% but the reviews still never appear on the website. Just like it shows in the picture it just says there are reviews but then doesn't display them. I have tried everything.
  6. giovanikx

    Did not match any reviews for this product

    I have the latest AliDropship plugin version for woocommerce, and when I try to import reviews to a new product I just imported it says: Did not match any reviews for this product The product has 300+ reviews and I can't import even if I select one star above and none of the criteria like...
  7. S

    Removing star ratings on products

    I've initially imported reviews to my products then deleted it. But the star ratings are still showing on my products. How can i remove it?
  8. mushrukh


    Hi while I importthe reviews of my country only from AliExpress.. the reviews from other countries also get imported with a different language.. I importthe review individually .. @Victoria Kudryashova
  9. Jess

    Question about imported reviews

    Hi there, When reviews are imported and we move them to spam or trash, will those reviews get imported again if we do a review import? Thanks