product images

  1. Z

    Is there any solution to the huge folder images created on alids woo ?

    So guys, i've been importing products to my site, and right now I have like 2000 products and 262.144 file on my folder, and more than 250.000 are Images! Is there any way to fix this? or do something with the images?
  2. Z

    Images import working really slow with 1and1 hosting

    Anyone using 1and1 hosting for alidropship woo store? I just buy this 1and1 hosting and trying to install alidropship woo plugin for my site. Everything working fine except products images (images importing process really slow) Have anyone experience the same error ? How to fix this?
  3. Freestyler86

    Missing Images

    Hello, I have the following issue: When importing product, everything works fine. But when I check media files (I store the images on my server). Only images from the gallery are imported. Those from the description of the product missing. Check attached files, please! All files with "number...
  4. T

    product images inserted into description as links or uploading hangs

    Hi When I imported products from AliExpress using the Chrome extension, one image was imported as the main product image in WooCommerce, however, all the other images were inserted as links in the product description, not as Media images showing in the product gallery. I found that if I open a...
  5. B

    Product Featured Images are not coming

    I have tried on 3 themes but my product featured iamges are not showing When i go to edit product it shows the featured image but on the website its not showing :/ Please help Thanks
  6. A

    Auto Size Selection

    Woocommerce only changes variant photo if all of product variants are selected. If user click on image swatch, it does doesn't change until size is also selected. Can you fix this please by auto-selecting size attribute so image can be changed when user click on first varient (color swatches)...
  7. G

    Deleted product images stay on the server

    Hi everyone, on product deletion, is there an option that will also delete the images of the product from the server?