product description

  1. M

    [Service] Sophisticated & Natural Product Description, Article or Sales Letter

    Hi! I'm a student looking for extra work. I have spoken English my entire life. I also have a friend in America, a native speaker, that I've spoken with almost everyday and will always be ready to criticize my writing. I'm offering to make your product descriptions or any articles that you...
  2. D

    Images won't go vertically in Product Description in Davinci Theme

    Hi there, I'm trying to format my product descriptions in order to optimize them for conversions and better fit my main photos for Google Shopping ads. The formatting doesn't seem to transfer out of box, and after trying to add bootstrap to the page is still isn't working. Is there any way to...
  3. A

    Editing Product Description (Table Format issue)

    First off, Alidropship plugin is awesome. Definitely saves lots of time in automating product imports. I have some issues, though, with editing product description. Table Formatting For SIZE INFO 1. See below product link on Aliexpress...
  4. B

    Write Killer Product Description

    Hi all newbie here, i just launch my website, but not sure if my product description is correct and able to convert to sales. do you have any tips about how to write product description that convert well. thanks in advance
  5. Kerri-Ann C Bryan

    Product description

    How can I add a product description in each post on the Rembrandt page. I just don’t see an area for it. Help please!!!
  6. S

    Product Description Doubt

    Hi In product description of many clothing products at most sellers, it is majorly mentioned: 1. X no. of items available OR 2. X no. at most per customer. I have a doubt here. Since the AliExpress order is through my account, is it advisable to not add products with limit on purchases per...