price update

  1. Barbara

    Pricing Updates

    Hi, I didn't know this forum existed! How did I miss it before now!? Also, isn't there a search forum button? I don't have time to scroll through endless pages... Problem: I changed my pricing formula yesterday, and pressed update... After checking my site, I saw prices way out of whack, i.e...
  2. tekraid

    Product Import Not Updating Price?

    Hi, just a general question for people running woocommerce. I've exported all my Products into CSV and updated the prices and tried to import into woocommerce hoping the price would adjust my spreadsheet. The price stills shows the old price. how are you guys managing this? Thanks for your help.
  3. jpsingleton

    Is it possible to receive price alerts without autoupdating price?

    I'd like to have control over my product prices, since it doesn't always make sense for me to sell two products that are $0.80 on AliExpress for the same price on my own site. (I might want to sell one for $5 and one for $10.) But I would still like to know if the AliExpress prices change, so I...
  4. Jess

    Had an embarrassing moment regarding stock

    Hey everyone, Yaros is already working on this for me but i am curious if anyone else had this happen (or even has noticed). I had a customer make a purchase on my site. I was excited as it was almost a $50 order. When i went to order, i was happy that the auto order button was actually doing...
  5. F

    Can't change product price

    Hello I'm reaching out to this great community with another problem I'm facing. I wouldn't like to use pricing formula and trying to change prices one by one. The problem is that nothing happens after clicking "Save changes" and price stays the same. I can change quantity, rate, order and...
  6. ZbigniewPL

    Price updating issue

    Hello I've already got some products which are not from AE. I have added them by myself, set prices and then turned off updating. When I update prices of all products the products i have added by myself have 0 price. Seems like turning off updating is not working well. Thanks