paypal checkout

  1. daniel-97

    Smart Paypal Buttons (Pay via Paypal and on-site Credit Card)

    I just know about this today :oops: Can we add this at checkout? And is it good to put it on our product's page? Don't see many thread about this Paypal function so if anyone's using this, some comments will be appreciated! Document:
  2. A

    Pricing Formula

    Hello, as I'm new to all dropshipping both website and plugin I would like to hear from you. As for the pricing formula of the Alidropship plugin how do you handle it? I'm asking because the final price should be: seller price + shipping costs + payment gateways fees + profit margin This...
  3. Bekir Lubic

    Problem with Paypal

    Hello, My brother try to buy something on my website, and he get these screens (screens are in attachments)...For begining I want only work with paypal, I make settings like they are described in Help section, and I don´t know what is problem... :( Is it something wrong with Ali plugin, or I...
  4. K

    Paypal Express Checkout Integration Issues!!!

    @Victoria Kudryashova @Yaros @kingpin @neeraj89 @Igor @Direct Webstore @The Dropper My Paypal is transffered to Paypal Business Account and I have integrated the APIs and it is working well. Now can i please ask for the suggestion for Express Checkout wherein my customers dont need to create...
  5. A

    PayPal redirection not working

    hi, if i want to checkout with paypal or paypal express i will redirect to sorry failer page. i cant sell anything. please help
  6. D

    Address double type on PAYPAL

    Hey, When a customer make a purchase, he type his shipping address, and than when he choose paypal, he need to type again his address as billing address, I want that the address at paypal checkout page will be automatically typed, as the shipping address Is that possible?